Body wrap

Body wrapping is a second only to massage as the asked for spa service. The client lounges comfortably in the warm botanical extracts for 45 minutes.  Apply the gel all over the body and cover with a layer of plastic film to hold the gel moist to the body for continued penetration. Body warmth will activate the herbs and open the pores insuring the best results. Each treatment cleans toxins the fat cells to result in a size-loss where the fat is. These toxins are flushed away by drinking water. Size loss can be measured after the treatment in arrears where fat is stored. After the treatment, no shower is needed. The skin is soft and clean and the client is refreshed and inches smaller. This loss is often substantial and can be felt in how clothing fits.

Drinking 3-4 liters of water during the 24 hours after the treatment will flush the toxins from the lymph system to assure that the lost size will stay off. The herbs stay in the body and keep working for three days. For continued size loss, drink 3-4 liters of water on the 2nd and the 3rd day, then have another treatment on.

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Linda K.
Couple days ago I went there to get my body wrap, which I bought on KGB deals. I like the interior and the colors, chill music, its so relaxing and peaceful. 
The body wrap was good and my skin so soft after that. 
The technician did a good work. I will probably buy another deal and come back.

Shik M.
I bought 4 cellulite body treatment deals with the spa. i made an appointment with Oksana. Then  I went there for my third body wrap treatment, the esthetician Mariana was so kind and polite to me, I liked to talk to her. When I left the spa I felt my body like a silk and I saw some results. I have less cellulite, Oksana did a great job.  
Definitely wanna buy another deal and will come back.

Kristina K.
I scheduled an appointment for slimming body wrap with Oksana. 
When came there to get the treatment, I like the place, relaxing music, it is very light and beautiful spa. The esthetician, Oksana was so nice to me. After the slimming body wrap I felt my skin so soft and smooth. I will come back for another body treatment.